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  no promotional intent #103 • original airdate: may 17 2018

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Soul Coughing, "Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago"
Lorenzo Music, "Home To Emily"
They Might Be Giants, "Minimum Wage"
They Might Be Giants, "By The Time You Get This"

R.E.M., "Finest Worksong (Other Mix)"
The Tragically Hip, "My Music At Work"
The Jesus and Mary Chain, "Far Gone and Out (Arc Weld Mix)"
Beat Happening, "Indian Summer"
Spoon, "The Fitted Shirt"
Spouse, "Boots & Pants"

Ray Charles, "Shake A Tail Feather"
The Kinks, "Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains"
Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer, "Funky Thing (Pt. 1)"
Ice Cube, "No Vaseline"
The Evolution Control Committee, "The Fat Muppets"
Public Enemy, "Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya, Man!"

Unknown Artist, "Gila Monster"
Cary Grant, "FCC Station Identification Regulations"
Tracy Morgan, "Astronaut Jones (f. Britney Spears)"
Dick Dale, "Space Mountain"
Cream, "Tales Of Brave Ulysses"
Soul Coughing, "Screenwriter's Blues"
Two-Ton Baker, "Bert The Turtle"
Melora Hardin, "Dial O (On the Little Pink Telephone)"
The Divine Comedy, "National Express"

The Cure, "Harold And Joe"
MS MR, "Dance Yrself Clean"
The Mountain Goats, "Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle"
Murray Gold, "Clara's Diner"

David Foster Wallace, "This Is Water"
Electric Light Orchestra, "Fire On High"
Mike + The Mechanics, "All I Need Is A Miracle"

Elvis Costello, "Welcome To The Working Week"
DJ Senator John Blutarski, "Sweet Love For WZBC"
Carl Carlton, "She's A Bad Mama Jama (She's Built, She's Stacked)"
Jackson 5, "Ready Or Not (Here I Come)"
Stevie Wonder, "I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)"

The Honey Drippers, "Impeach the President"

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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