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  no promotional intent #104 • original airdate: may 24 2018

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John Paul Young, "Love Is In the Air"
LCD Soundsystem, "Home"
Elvis Presley, "(There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car"
The Stranglers, "(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)"
Arcade Fire, "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"

Little Green Cars, "The John Wayne"
Roxy Music, "Do The Strand"
Johnny Cash, "Get Rhythm"
The Monkees, "Tema Dei Monkees"
Ed Shepp, "Ed Shepp Exposes: Marilyn Manson"
Marilyn Manson, "Tainted Love"
Mindless Self Indulgence,
      "Hey Tomorrow Fuck You And Your Friend Yesterday"
The Seeds, "Pushin' Too Hard"
The Kursaal Flyers, "Television Generation"
Shiny Toy Guns, "Major Tom"
Swooli, "240,000"
Alabama 3, "Ain't Goin' To Goa"

The Four Preps, "26 Miles (Santa Catalina)"
New Order, "Crystal"
Goldfrapp, "Ooh La La"
Fuzzbox, "Love Is The Slug"
Devo, "Red Eye"
The Go! Team, "Bull In The Heather"
James Brown, "Living In America"
DOM, "Living In America"

The Sheds, "Drunk For Lunch"
Sammy Davis Jr., "Plop Plop Fizz Fizz"
Guy Smiley, "Air"
Kid Creole And The Coconuts, "Stool Pigeon"
Fishbone, "Party At Ground Zero"

Big Country, "In A Big Country"
Flash & The Pan, "Hey St. Peter"
Elvis Costello & The Attractions, "Moods For Moderns"
Nick Lowe, "So It Goes"
The Freelance Hellraiser, "Step On Man"
The Clash, "This Is Radio Clash"

Mason Williams, "Classical Gas"
Camera Obscura, "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken"
The Young Veins, "Take A Vacation!"
The Beach Boys, "Dance, Dance, Dance"
The Del Fuegos, "I Always Call Her Back"
Camper Van Beethoven, "Pictures of Matchstick Men"
The B-52's, "Deadbeat Club"

The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"
Guided by Voices, "Motor Away"

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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