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  no promotional intent #128 • original airdate: december 4 2018

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Public Service Broadcasting, "The Unsinkable Ship"
LCD Soundsystem, "Oh Baby (Lovefingers Remix)"
Urban Dance Squad, "Deeper Shade of Soul (Remix) [Freakmix]"
Titus Andronicus, "Above the Bodega (Local Business)"
Parquet Courts, "Before the Water Gets Too High"
Superchunk, "What a Time to Be Alive"
Death By Unga Bunga, "Turn My Brain Off"

Future Teens, "Sleep Schedule"
Public Service Broadcasting, "White Star Liner"
The Vandelles, "Techromancer"
Moon Duo, "Jukebox Babe"
The Cure, "Fire In Cairo (Peel Session)"
Rules, "A Little Respect"
Ezra Furman, "Suck the Blood From My Wound"
Juliana Hatfield, "Xanadu"

The Jesus and Mary Chain, "Guitarman (Single Version)"
The Strokes, "New York City Cops"
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, "Bike Lane"
They Might Be Giants, "I Should Be Allowed to Think"
Tancred, "Hot Star"
Janelle Monáe, "Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson)"
Still Corners, "Sad Movies"
Moon Panda, "Rabbit"
Tori Amos, "Past the Mission"
Pixies, "All Over the World"

Camp Cope, "How to Socialise & Make Friends"
Giving Up, "Body"
The Shadows, "Apache"
Wiretaps, "TV Life"
Beth Watson, "Waiting at the Border"
Emergency Broadcast Network, "We Will Rock You [Bipartisan Mix]"
Ministry, "N.W.O."
Public Service Broadcasting, "C.Q.D."
Public Service Broadcasting, "The Deep"

Westerman, "Easy Money"
LaTour, "People Are Still Having Sex"

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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sic semper crepusculis

a future washed in static

slave to the rhythm