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  no promotional intent #37 • original airdate: january 6 2017

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Art of Noise, "Paranoimia (Extended)" 
Emergency Broadcast Network, "Super Zen State (Power Chant No. 3)" 
Messiah, "Temple of Dreams" 
Detroit Grand Pubahs, "Sandwiches (Krafty Kuts Remix)" 
The The, "This Is the Day (Disinfected Version)" 

The Chills, "The Oncoming Day" 
The Cavedogs, "Leave Me Alone" 
Cranes, "Shining Road" 
The Ocean Blue, "Between Something And Nothing" 
This Mortal Coil, "Song To The Siren" 
The Flaming Lips, "It Was A Very Good Year" 
Jane's Addiction, "I Would For You (Live)" 
Mobius Band, "I Had A Very Good Year" 
David Byrne & Brian Eno, "Strange Overtones" 

Souls of Mischief, "Cab Fare (Trevor Balthrup Remaster)" 
A Tribe Called Quest, "Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)" 
Das Racist, "Rainbow In The Dark" 
Buck 65, "Zombie Delight" 
Diarrhea Planet, "Hot Topic" 
Mary's Danish, "Leave It Alone" 
Death By Unga Bunga, "Strangers From The Sky" 
The Dickies, "Killer Klowns" 
LCD Soundsystem, "North American Scum (Radio Edit)" 

Eels, "Novocaine for the Soul" 
Oingo Boingo, "Gratitude"
The Humans, "I Live in the City" 
Bauhaus, "Telegram Sam" 
The Cure, "Jumping Someone Else's Train" 
Sonic Youth, "Titanium Expose" 
Dead Kennedys, "California Uber Alles" 
Soul Coughing, "Mr. Bitterness" 
Big Country, "In a Big Country (Radio Edit)" 

XTC, "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" 
Sweet Spirit, "Baby When I Close My Eyes" 
Midnight Oil, "The Dead Heart" 
Band of Horses, "The Funeral" 

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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sic semper crepusculis

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slave to the rhythm