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  no promotional intent #41 • original airdate: february 3 2017

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R.E.M., "Radio Song" 
Morrissey, "Everyday Is Like Sunday" 
Don Henley, "New York Minute" 
Mojo Nixon, "Don Henley Must Die" 
The Dead Milkmen, "I Walk The Thinnest Line" 
Emiliana Torrini, "Jungle Drum" 

David Bowie, "Suffragette City" 
The Sweet, "Fever Of Love" 
Pink Floyd, "Fearless" 
Deep Purple, "Stormbringer" 
Hawkwind, "Motorhead"
Jefferson Airplane, "White Rabbit"
Inspiral Carpets, "Two Worlds Collide" 

Graveyard Club, "Cellar Door" 
A-Ha, "The Sun Always Shines On TV" 
Bronski Beat, "Smalltown Boy" 
Sonic Youth, "Bull in the Heather" 
The Wiretaps, "TV Life" 
Arcade Fire, "Rebellion (Lies)" 

They Might Be Giants, "Birdhouse in Your Soul" 
Elvis Costello, "Less Than Zero" 
Japandroids, "Darkness On the Edge of Gastown" 
Discharge, "Protest and Survive" 
Kiss, "Parasite" 
Channel 3, "Manzanar (Demo)" 
Nirvana, "Molly's Lips" 
T.S.O.L., "Abolish Government / Silent Majority" 
Jefferson Airplane, "Volunteers"
The Toasters, "2-Tone Army" 
Operation Ivy, "Unity" 
LCD Soundsystem, "Movement" 

Death By Unga Bunga, "Dollar Slice" 
Iggy Pop, "Sister Midnight" 
Pussycats, "Dressed In Black" 
Mass Gothic, "Every Night You've Got To Save Me" 
De La Soul, "A Rollerskating Jam Named 'Saturdays'" 

Beastie Boys, "Boomin' Granny"
Buck 65, "Zombie Delight" 
Front Line Assembly, "Mindphazer (Single Mix)" 
Class Actress, "Weekend" 
Kompressor, "Kompressor Does Not Dance" 
Limahl, "Never Ending Story (Giorgio Mix 7")" 

Queen, "I Want It All" 
Ozzy Osbourne, "Crazy Train" 

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schlemiel, schlimazel

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