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the last night of WFNX
  a lifelong dream come true at the last possible moment • original airdate: july 9 2012

  🏆 best of WFNX 🏆

Operation Ivy, "Knowledge"
Pixies, "Subbacultcha"
Neutral Milk Hotel, "Holland, 1945"
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Drunks And Children"
The Sugarcubes, "Hit"
Depeche Mode, "Behind The Wheel/Route 66 [Mega-Single Mix]"
Weezer, "My Name Is Jonas"

The Clash, "Brand New Cadillac"
The Modern Lovers, "Roadrunner"
Spoon, "Car Radio"
Dinosaur Jr, "Feel The Pain"
Sonic Youth, "Bull In The Heather"
The Stone Roses, "She Bangs The Drums"
Ned's Atomic Dustbin, "Grey Cell Green"

Soft Cell, "Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?"
Talking Heads, "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)"
Metric, "Help I'm Alive"
Jane's Addiction, "Stop"
David Garza, "Discoball World"
Land Of The Loops, "Multi-Family Garage Sale (Bargain-Bin Mix)"
Eels, "Last Stop This Town"
Holy Ghost!, "Jam For Jerry"

Overwhelming Colorfast, "Arrows"
Buffalo Tom, "Velvet Roof"
The Buzzcocks, "What Do I Get?"
The Joy Formidable, "Whirring"

Catherine Wheel, "I Want To Touch You"
Joe Jackson, "Steppin' Out"
Hot Chip, "One Life Stand"
Alabama Shakes, "Hold On"
Cracker, "Eurotrash Girl"

Nine Inch Nails, "Head Like A Hole"
The Sisters Of Mercy, "Lucretia"
The Nails, "88 Lines About 44 Women"
Sloan, "Underwhelmed"
Cults, "Abducted"

Think Tree, "Hire A Bird"
They Might Be Giants, "Ana Ng"
The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Frequency"
The Jesus & Mary Chain, "Reverence"
The Sheila Divine, "Hum"
O-Positive, "Talk About Love"
Orbit, "Medicine"
Alice In Chains, "Would?"
M|A|R|R|S, "Pump Up The Volume"

Underworld, "Born Slippy"
LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"
M83, "Reunion"
The Replacements, "Alex Chilton"
The Cure, "Push"
Soul Coughing, "Screenwriter's Blues"
The Walkmen, "The Rat"

Beastie Boys, "Shadrach"
Interpol, "PDA"
Soul Asylum, "Somebody To Shove"
Pulp, "Common People"
Jane's Addiction, "Classic Girl"
Band Of Horses, "The Funeral"
The Clash, "Straight To Hell"
Love Spit Love, "Am I Wrong"
Public Image Ltd, "Rise"

Dubstar, "Stars"
Rogue Wave, "Everyday"
The Replacements, "Within Your Reach"
Joy Division, "Atmosphere"

Men At Work, "Overkill"
Frank Sinatra, "That's Life"
The The, "This Is The Day"
The Cure, "A Night Like This (Live)"

Sonic Youth, "The Diamond Sea"

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