the fall of america
  npi summer mixtape series #4 • original airdate: june 15 2017

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Yo La Tengo, "Black Flowers" 
Au Revoir Simone, "Shadows (Jens Lekman Remix)" 
The Mountain Goats, "Wear Black" 

The The, "Slow Emotion Replay" 
Led Zeppelin, "The Song Remains The Same" 

  - side a -
  Living Colour, "Cult Of Personality" 
  David Bowie, "I'm Afraid Of Americans (V1)" 
  A Tribe Called Quest, "We The People..." 
  Jimi Hendrix, "All Along The Watchtower" 
  Paris, "Break The Grip Of Shame" 
  MC 900 Ft. Jesus, "Truth Is Out Of Style" 
  Time Zone (f. Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon),
    "World Destruction (Bill Laswell Remix)"
  Death, "Politicians In My Eyes" 
  2Pac, "Changes" 
  Leonard Cohen, "Everybody Knows" 

  - side b -
  Public Enemy, "Fight The Power" 
  Death Grips, "I've Seen Footage" 
  Bigod 20, "America" 
  Paul Hardcastle, "19" 
  Re-Flex, "The Politics Of Dancing" 
  Pet Shop Boys, "In the Night"
  The Fixx, "Red Skies (Alternate Version)" 
  The Clash, "The Guns of Brixton" 
  Talking Heads, "Life During Wartime (Live)" 
  Pop Will Eat Itself, "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" 

Billy Bragg & Wilco, "All You Fascists" 
Soul Asylum, "Somebody To Shove" 
Ze Frank, "Antiintellectualism" 
The Dead Milkmen, "Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia" 
The Stranglers, "Big In America" 
Guadalcanal Diary, "Watusi Rodeo" 
XTC, "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" 

Stiff Little Fingers, "State Of Emergency" 
The Rolling Stones, "Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)" 
The Kinks, "Destroyer" 
Camera Obscura, "Let's Get Out Of This Country" 

Tennis, "Fields Of Blue" 
The Pack A.D., "Teenage Crime" 
Dead Kennedys, "Kill The Poor" 
Titus Andromedon, "Boobs In California" 

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NPI #138


schlemiel, schlimazel

nightmare timehop

a boombox is not a toy

sic semper crepusculis

a future washed in static

slave to the rhythm


sic semper crepusculis