this too shall pass
  npi summer mixtape series #12 • original airdate: august 17 2017

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Dead Kennedys, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" 
Dead Kennedys, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" 
Dead Kennedys, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" 
Steve Perry, "Oh Sherrie" 

Fat Boys, "Jail House Rap" 
Beastie Boys, "Super Disco Breakin'"
Ice Cube, "Bop Gun" 

  - side a -
  Orbital, "Halcyon & On & On" 
  Carl Sagan, "A Glorious Dawn (ft. Stephen Hawking)" 
  Cargo Solo, "Tell Me I'm Beautiful" 
  Tori Amos, "Take To The Sky" 
  Suzanne Vega, "Left Of Center" 
  The Shins, "Phantom Limb" 
  Mike Doughty, "Looks" 
  The Beatles, "Across The Universe" 
  Broken Social Scene, "Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl" 
  Beat Happening, "Indian Summer" 
  The Mills Brothers, "Smoke Rings" 

  - side b -
  R.E.M., "Love Is All Around" 
  The Wedding Present, "Falling" 
  Sonic Youth, "The Diamond Sea (Edit)" 
  Air, "Seven Stars" 
  Elvis Presley, "Blue Moon" 
  Simon & Garfunkel, "America" 
  The Mountain Goats, 
    "Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle" 
  Pink Floyd, "Us And Them" 
  Pink Floyd, "Any Colour You Like" 
  Pink Floyd, "Brain Damage" 
  Pink Floyd, "Eclipse" 

LCD Soundsystem, "tonite" 
U2, "Another Time, Another Place" 
Yo La Tengo, "Sugarcube" 
Cut Copy, "So Haunted" 
Franz Ferdinand, "The Fallen" 

Fleetwood Mac, "Temporary One (Live)" 
The Beatles, "Your Mother Should Know" 
Jimi Hendrix, "May This Be Love" 
The Rolling Stones, "2000 Man" 
OK GO, "This Too Shall Pass" 
The Beach Boys, "I Know There's An Answer"
The Honey Drippers, "Impeach the President" 

NPI #138


schlemiel, schlimazel

nightmare timehop

a boombox is not a toy

sic semper crepusculis

a future washed in static

slave to the rhythm


sic semper crepusculis